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Signal Conditioning

In this lab, students complete activities where they prepare measurement signals to be digitized. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Advanced Project Ideas

Start doing projects on your own with your myDAQ. Get started with a few ideas here.
Strongman Game

Build a strongman game by sensing force with a piezoelectric film strip.
Signals and Sensors

by Enable Education

In this lab, students will learn about sensors and the process of measuring different types of physical signals. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Vibration Measurement Project

by Enable Education

In this project, students will design and implement their own vibration measurement system for a given measurement need. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
ADC and Sampling

In this lab, students will learn about analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), sampling, and their characteristics. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Inertial Measurement

by Quanser Inc.

This lab explores acceleration, rotation, and magnetic field measurements using an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Lab 7: The Photovoltaic Characterization

by Dr. Petru A. COTFAS, Dr. Daniel T. COTFAS, Dr. Doru URSUTIU, and Dr. Cornel SAMOILA | Transilvania University of Brasov

The purpose of this lab is to study the behavior of some types of solar cells and mini solar panels, using the NI ELVIS II platform. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.
Morse Code Project

Develop a Morse code translator that puts your sensor knowledge to the test using AI, AO and DIO tasks. This challenging project walks students through creating the necessary code to convert user...
Lab 5: Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation

by National Instruments

This lab introduces students to communications theory with amplitude modulation and demodulation. Students will explore the theory behind amplitude modulation, use the Analog Discovery 2 to visualize...