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Issue Tracking Tools

by Brian Powell | athenahealth

Begin with the Issue Tracking Spreadsheet that we provide and then explore other options through the resources.
Design and Code Reviews

by Brian Powell | athenahealth

Of all the investments that your team could potentially make in your software development process, implementing code reviews is reasonably easy with a very high ROI. Why isn't every team and...
What to Expect When You are Expecting An Error

by Darren Nattinger | National Instruments

Connecting error wires across nodes on a block diagram is one of the most common brainless tasks performed by a LabVIEW programmer. Unfortunately, this often means that VI behavior in an error...
Session: Learning VI Analyzer

by Darren Nattinger | National Instruments

This is the jumpstart guide to learning VI Analyzer
Complete Guide to Building a Self-Sustaining User Group - In Your City or Region

This is a comprehensive document that includes every step and activity that you should consider when building a self-sustaining user group. This guide was written specifically for...
Short Topic: Recruiting Members to your User Group

This short topic will provide some ideas on how you can attract new members and grow attendance.
Short Topic: Finding Speakers

One of the big challenges for any ongoing user group is finding speakers. This short topic will give you some good ideas to ensure a solid lineup.
Clean Code: Under the Hood of a Sophisticated Messaging Framework

by Yinhui Chen | Zebra Technologies, and Mark Yedinak | Zebra Industries

Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLAs) and LabVIEW Champions crafted a message broker system that leverages network queues and includes the following features: publish/subscribe model for components,...
External & Global Community

COMING SOON: Learn how to leverage the expertise and knowledge of your fellow LabVIEW programmers outside your organization.
Evolving From Quick Coding to Good Architecture and Clean Code

by Christian Butcher | Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, and Oliver Wachno | Ingenieurbro Oliver Wachno

Explore the evolution of two projects from simple programs to larger applications requiring decent architecture. Although completely independent, their stories are very much alike. At this...