Students use hardware from the Integrator add-on board combined with NI ELVIS and LabVIEW software to generate a fully functional solution for teaching operational amplifiers to students.

Labs for Integrator Operational Amplifiers Add-On Board

by Integrator Ltd.
In these labs, students will build and interface with different operational amplifier circuitry to experimentally learn the fundamentals.The Integrator Operational Amplifiers Add-On Board provides a hands-on platform for teaching operational amplifiers including the inverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier, differential amplifier, integrator, differentiator, and many more. The student is guided with step-by-step instructions through each of the 18 included labs and will use the educational board for hands-on experiments with the electric circuits, connect various power sources and meters, and conduct experiments with the studied circuits. The student will collect, display, and analyze data to using the provided LabVIEW-based lab software.
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